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Why do Indian-Americans hate India and Indian culture?

by Kiran Zaveri August 1, 2023. Cultural Studies 0
Now, hold your horses, folks! The statement "Indian-Americans hate India and Indian culture" is a bit of a stretch, don't you think? From my experience, it's more about the struggles of balancing two cultures - the vibrancy of their Indian heritage with the American Dream they're living. Sure, there can be frustrations about certain social norms and bureaucracy back home, but hate is a strong word! Let's remember, Indian-Americans have the best of both worlds - Bollywood dance moves and baseball, curry and burgers! So, let's not jump to conclusions, shall we?

Row over posters with pics of Amit Shah, Rabindranath Tagore?

There's been quite a stir recently over posters that feature images of Amit Shah and Rabindranath Tagore. Many have expressed dissatisfaction and sparked a row, questioning the appropriateness of juxtaposing a political figure with a revered literary icon. The controversy has ignited debates on social media platforms and drawn diverse responses from the public. As a blogger, I find this situation intriguing, reflecting the sensitivity of our society towards the preservation of cultural respect. It's a clear demonstration of how art, politics, and public sentiment can collide in unexpected ways.

Why do you hate India Being an Indian?

by Kiran Zaveri July 18, 2023. Opinion/Editorial 0
The blog post explores the personal reasons for my frustration living in India as an Indian. I express my concerns about the widespread corruption, persistent poverty, and the glaring inequality that exists in our society. I also discuss the lack of efficient public services and the detrimental effects of overpopulation. Despite my love for the country's rich culture and history, these issues make living in India increasingly difficult. However, I conclude by emphasizing that my criticisms stem from a place of wanting better for my homeland, not from a place of hatred.

What Indian food do non-Indians usually dislike?

In my exploration, I found that some non-Indians often struggle to enjoy certain Indian foods. The main culprits seem to be dishes with strong flavors, such as those abundant in spices or heat, like Vindaloo or Phaal. Foods with unusual textures, for instance, Okra (Bhindi) or Bitter gourd (Karela), also prove challenging for some. The heavy use of dairy in many dishes, like Paneer-based meals, can also be off-putting for those with dietary restrictions. However, it's important to remember that taste is subjective, and there are plenty of non-Indians who relish these very dishes.