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Why are Indian girls boring?

by Kiran Zaveri February 14, 2023. Indian Culture and Society 0
This article explores why Indian girls are often thought to be boring. It suggests that Indian society places high expectations on young women, and that these expectations can lead to a "safe" lifestyle that is often seen as boring. The article also suggests that traditional gender roles and expectations can lead to a lack of self-expression and creativity. Additionally, it argues that the Indian education system does not foster creativity and critical thinking skills, which further contributes to the perception of Indian girls being boring. Finally, the article argues that Indian girls need to be given more freedom to choose their own paths and have the opportunity to express their individual personalities.

Which Indian newspaper is relatively neutral?

by Kiran Zaveri February 8, 2023. News & Media 0
This article discusses the relative neutrality of Indian newspapers. It notes that major newspapers in India, such as The Hindu and The Times of India, have been accused of bias by both the left and the right. It also looks at some regional newspapers, such as the Deccan Chronicle, Deccan Herald, and the Hindustan Times, which tend to be relatively neutral in their coverage. It discusses how these papers strive to be balanced in their reporting and provide fair and accurate information. Finally, it recommends that readers should carefully evaluate the news sources they rely on to ensure they are getting a balanced view of the news.