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Arts and Humanities Entrance Exams 2017 List

Arts and Humanities Entrance Exams 2017

Humanities is an academic principle that is concerned with the study of the condition of human beings. It can also be considered as another division of Social sciences. Almost all topics on humanities are offered at both the graduate and postgraduate level in universities and colleges in India. It is also possible for students to carry out research in the said area.
It is often believed that the streams “Arts and Humanities” aren’t really opportunity creating but that is not the truth. In fact it is exactly the opposite of what the truth is. Arts and humanities has much more opportunities today as compared to any other stream. Like any other stream, there are many famous and infamous colleges too which provide the best of the education and help the students to carry own further with their studies. Provided here is a list of entrance exams which are associated with the streams “Arts and Humanities” and also those exams have been described in detail, mentioning the criteria required to get admitted in them or be eligible to appear in their entrance test.Here are all those entrance exams :

Humanities and Social Sciences Entrance Examination (HSEE)
Combined Shiksha Shastri (CSSET)
Combined Shiksha Acharya Entrance Test (CSAET)
DU DSE MA(Economics) Entrance Test
North Maharashtra University MA Entrance Exam
Patna Women’s College B.A./B.Sc. Entrance Exam
–TISS National Entrance Test (TISSNET)